Re: [hatari-devel] Calls to video_getPosition killing :)

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On 09/03/2012 20:09, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:

I'm trying to remove all the calls to video_getPosition(),
Video_GetPosition_OnWriteAccess() and Video_GetPosition_OnReadAccess()
when in Falcon mode.

I've launched hatari under gdb with 3 breakpoints:
- 1 in video_getPosition()
- 1 in Video_GetPosition_OnWriteAccess()
- 1 in Video_GetPosition_OnReadAccess()

I've broken on all these functions:

MFP_ActiveEdge_WriteByte ()

IKBD_KeyboardControl_WriteByte ()
IKBD_KeyboardData_WriteByte ()

DC_ResetDMA ()
FDC_DmaModeControl_WriteWord ()
FDC_DiskController_WriteWord ()
FDC_DiskControllerStatus_ReadWord ()
FDC_WriteSectorRegister ()
FDC_DmaAddress_WriteByte ()
FDC_WriteCommandRegister ()
FDC_TypeI_Restore ()
FDC_Check_MotorON ()
FDC_CmdCompleteCommon ()
FDC_WriteTrackRegister ()
FDC_TypeI_Seek ()
FDC_TypeIV_ForceInterrupt ()

It seems that the FDC calls loops indefinitely (it always sequence).

This brings me one question:
- do these "cycle exact" functions need to be related to video cycles
exact ?
- couldn't they be related to an internal "clock" ?
- couldn't there be some internal clocks for the different values we
need that would act a bit like cycint ?




you're mixing 2 things :

- video_getPosition is used in many places when --trace mode is enabled, it has nothing to do with real emulation, it's used to print precise position when the log happens. In falcon mode, you need to have a similar function. It can return less precise result for now, but it's needed to keep readable traces.

- Video_GetPosition_OnWriteAccess and Video_GetPosition_OnReadAccess are really useful only in video.c , mfp.c and psg.c to do precise access when emulating sound or video in STF/STE. These 2 functions will not exist in videl.c, so the problem will disappear (and they should not be used in mfp.c when in falcon mode too, see the example code I sent previously to handle timer B for videl in mfp.c).


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