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I don't know if the following is important or not, I just ask in case of.

When I boot with the new CPU, I get the following lines I haven't got when I boot with the old CPU:

M68000 Bus Error reading at address $ff8e09.
Exception 2 (0) at e02ce2 -> e02ce6!
A-Trap a000 at e010a0 (0x1a485c0)
A-Trap a00e at e010c0 (0x1a485e0)
A-Trap a000 at fa022c (0x1be774c)

I've compared hatari falcon starting with the 2 CPUs. I get the following traces


00E0109A 22d8                     MOVE.L (A0)+,(A1)+
00E0109C 22d8                     MOVE.L (A0)+,(A1)+
00E0109E 3290                     MOVE.W (A0),(A1)
00E010A0 a000                     ILLEGAL.L
00E094EA 226f 0002                MOVEA.L (A7, $0002) == $00008862,A1
00E094EE 3411                     MOVE.W (A1),D2
00E094F0 c47c 0fff                AND.W #$0fff,D2


$e0109a : 22d8                                 move.l    (a0)+,(a1)+
$e0109c : 22d8                                 move.l    (a0)+,(a1)+
$e0109e : 3290                                 move.w    (a0),(a1)
$e010a0 : a000 linea #0 ; Line-A Initialization
$e094ea : 226f 0002                            movea.l   2(sp),a1
$e094ee : 3411                                 move.w    (a1),d2
$e094f0 : c47c 0fff                            and.w     #$fff,d2

In both case, the PC continues at the same addresses, and instructions are the same. I think it's only the debuggers that don't indicate the same thing, but as I'm not totally sure, I prefer asking.
I think the lineA (A_TRAP is done correctly in both case).

Do you agree with me ?
(In the latest source, WINUAE doesn't display the A-TRAP

I'll have a look at the $ff8e09 address.



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