Re: [hatari-devel] UAE core regressions in Falcon demos

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I've tested the other programs Eero detected as not working.
I've relisted every results in this mail:

IMPORTANT: all tests MUST be done without the borders actually.
I'll have to correct a little bug that counts the borders size and generates a wrong hbl/vbl timing. For example, It freezes snake with the borders activated and it runs well without them.

New tests :

> Schlumps demo by Lazer:
It works well for me (sound + demo). Just a little saccade (jump ?) in the first scrolling It doesn't returns to the desktop at the end (maybe the demo does this on real falcon too)

> Tron2001 demo
Same than Eero: bus error

> dry-egg
Displays the first screen, then it freezes.

> s_snake:
It works well for me (music+game).
Music sometimes renders with glitches for a short period of time, then is ok again. May be due to incorect 68030 cycles timings (eg DIV or MUL)

> Running shareware:
It works perfect for me

> Avi_030:
Like for Eero, it freezes.
Again, a synchro DSP <> 68030 problem due to timings

> centurbo benchmark:
It gives good results for me for DSP (it detects 32 Mhz) and 68030 (it detects 14 Mhz). For the FPU, it detects 190% (it the second benchmark that gives this result).
It's normal, I haven't yet added the correct cycles for the FPU and the MMU.

Old tests:

Lazer warum works well for me (except sound is strange, but I think it's a crossbar 8 bits DSP 16 bits transfers problem I described earlier in an old thread).

Lazer Oergs : I didn't know this one, it's the first time I see it. Nice dragon picture. There's nothing after the dragon picture it seems stuck there.

> Aura's Ex Illusion gets stuck with WinUAE core much earlier.
For me, it's completly OK (music runs too)

> 4knocrew.prg 3d graphics are bad with WinUAE core, OK with old UAE core.
For me it works well.

> Opium's Chrome dragon doesn't work anymore with either core.
Works well for me (but it seems slow (I don't know if the demo was slow or if this is an hatari problem)


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