Re: [hatari-devel] UAE core regressions in Falcon demos

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Lazer warum works well for me (except sound is strange, but I think it's a crossbar 8 bits DSP 16 bits transfers problem I described earlier in an old thread).

Lazer Oergs : I didn't know this one, it's the first time I see it.
Nice dragon picture. There's nothing after the dragon picture it seems stuck there.

 * Aura's Ex Illusion gets stuck with WinUAE core much earlier.

For me, it's completly OK (music runs too)

 4knocrew.prg 3d graphics are bad with WinUAE core, OK with
   old UAE core.

For me it works well.

 Opium's Chrome dragon doesn't work anymore with either core.

Works well for me (but it seems slow (I don't know if the demo was slow or if this is an hatari problem)

For hatari falcon, you must use the prefetch mode and cycle exact.
Should I fix this and disallow all the core options or keep the possibility to choose with/without prefetch, ...

I think our goal is to make a falcon emulator, so I think it would be better to remove some unuseful cores and fix the GUI to only keep real parameters for the final user (who cares a buggy non prefetch core if this doesn't emulate a Falcon ?)

For now, I've kept all the core options like in Winuae, but now, we could only give 3 CPUs :
- 68000 (for Nicolas later)
- 68030 cycles exact, prefetch and full MMU is Gilles manages to implement it (no user choice here)
- 68040/68060 for later.

This would reduce the parametesr in the GUI and user would have the correct Falcon parameters immediatly. (We can just keep the DSP ON/OFF and FPU ON/OFF parameters as it is actually)

This would also reduce hatari's weight by 3 cores :)

Does this sound OK for you ?


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