Re: [hatari-devel] Old UAE core regressions in Falcon games

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On lauantai 18 helmikuu 2012, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> I was going through Falcon games with EmuTOS and
> checking failing ones with normal TOS and noticed
> some regressions for the old UAE core.
> These don't work anymore:

Tested also with WinUAE (default config).

> * Running, shareware version

Bus error.

> * Dry Egg

Bus error.

> * Slippery Sam

Just black screen and music.

This is a bit funny as it worked already with Hatari v1.0.

Here are some other issues I noticed with old UAE core:

* Schlumpf (smurfs): horizontal scrolling flickers
  - Doesn't start at all with WinUAE!
* Flextracker doesn't work anymore with old UAE core

I'll go through more demos later on.

> I guess they still work for the WinUAE core?

Flextracker "works" with WinUAE core, it starts and actually
produces some sound.  The sound is just noise though and
switching from "flex" to "pt" (protracker?) mode gives
infinite illegal DSP instruction errors.

Both with old and WinUAE core:

* AVI030.TTP just exits when given an AVI video,
  without any error.
* Flaysid still gives no sound.
* FalcAMP still gives DSP timeout for MP3s.
* Centurbo benchmark gives completely bogus values
  for FPU and CPU.  DSP says 32Mhz though.
* Virtual city: bombs if auto-run, starting normally
  from desktop works fine though
* Tron2001 regression, at start gives:
  M68000 Bus Error writing at address $f00000.

Btw. There's something funny with non-DSP Falcon emulation
in regards to EmuTOS.

Virtual Mayhem game doesn't work with EmuTOS with latest
Hatari, but with Hatari v1.4, it works fine also for EmuTOS.

This was one of the first Falcon games ever to work with Hatari,
so it's not picky about the emulation accuracy and it doesn't
use DSP...

	- Eero

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