[hatari-devel] Hatari Falcon videomode bug

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When running in Falcon emulation (68030+Falcon+32MHz), the 'interlace/double 
line' bit in the Falcon videomode is interpreted in the opposite way from a 
real Falcon, as follows:

Interlace/double line         Real Falcon              Hatari
---------------------         -----------              ------
        0                  Full height screen     Half height screen
        1                  Half height screen     Full height screen

This can easily be seen by running TOS 4.04 under Hatari and on a real Falcon.  
In the "Set video..." dialog, if you select 16 colours, 80 columns, interlace 
off (this is videomode 0x000a), the screen on a real Falcon is 640x480; the 
screen on Hatari is 640x240.  If you set interlace on (videomode 0x010a), the 
screen on a real Falcon is 640x240; the screen on Hatari is 640x480.

Roger Burrows

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