[hatari-devel] Hatari display in Falcon ST high

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When running in Falcon mode (68030+Falcon selected in System), Hatari uses the 
STe palette registers as the source for colour[1] in ST high.  It should use 
the Falcon palette registers, like a real Falcon does.  This happens in Hatari 
1.6.0 running under Windows.

I have a test program that allows you to modify selected registers of either 
the STe or Falcon palette.  The test program runs in TTP mode, and modifying 
register 1 should immediately change the text colour from the default black.

When run on a real Falcon or Aranym, modifying Falcon palette register 1 
changes the colour; modifying STe palette register 1 has no effect.  When run 
on Hatari 1.6.0, the reverse is true.

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