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On 18/02/2012 16:54, Fredrik Olsson wrote:

    Looking at the stx.h file, I see it's heavily similar to the one
    from the HxC floppy emulator ; I think the least would be to credit
    Jean-François DEL NERO in your file for the work he made to reverse
    engineer the pasti format.

No but I should credit Pera Putnik for his documentation at If Jean-François has better
docs then please give me a link.

But the french comment in your stx.h really looks like the one from HxC's header. Anyway, I think Markus Fritze and HxC's author both reversed engineered the Pasti format (Markus used to be subscribed to Hatari's list, maybe he could be of some help for pasti).

HxC doesn't have doc for STX file, but the C plugin for STX is rather well documented and is supposed to support quite a lot of protected disk. Importing this code to make it work under Hatari could be best way to go to have an initial solid implementation.

    In the end, I don't think converting the STX file to fit Hatari's
    structure is the best way to go. A better approach would be to load
    the STX file in its own buffer, then add some hooks for each FDC
    command to call the "STX version" of these FDC commands.

    This way, our generic FDC code remains usable, and if an STX disk is
    inserted the STX specific code will be used.

Sounds to me like the Floppy_InsertDiskIntoDrive() should setup some
function pointers to the correct implementations for different
disk-images, with the hooks you mention.
For ST/MSA the implementation basically copy data from the current
in-men buffer. Whereas the STX implementation do more magic.

When the STX floppy is inserted, some STX related buffers/variables should be setup. But regarding the hooks, they should go in fdc.c ; pasti is a very low level format, emulating it requires to intercept all accesses to $ff86xx to drive the dma disk and the controler.

If you can provide a floppy_stx.c file that emulates read sector, read track and read address, I could add the necessary hooks in fdc.c to call this code (but note that some very precise code should also be added to handle the drive rotation speed and emulate correct index timings).

In fact, they're two main parts that needs to be emulated :

- accurate values for the FDC registers : this is rather easy, as some values are stored in the STX files. Other values are supposed to be already quite accurate in the recent fdc.c code. This is often enough to handle a lot of pretection.

- accurate emulation of the various "speed" related components : dma disk transfer with variable bit cells length, index and address marks seeking, ... Those are really more complex to handle and could be kept for later.


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