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I am new to Hatari dev, diffs, and CMake so I thought I should get some verification that I am doing the right thing before I do something completely off the tracks.

I have implemented rudimentary support for STX (Pasti) disk images. Currently it only supports unprotected disks with 512bytes sectors (More support requires some rewrites that I want input on first).
Many, but far from all, images from http://www.atarimania.com/ works now. Bad Company works and boots as expected. Whereas Bombuzal and Dungeon master disks can be browsed in GEM, but fails copy protection checks due to missing timing and fuzzy sectors.

I have attached my patch as diff-file for the 1.6.1 source tree. I only have access to a Mac OS X machine, so I would also be glad if it could be verified to work on Linux. And also get input on coding style, and what is the official route for submitting patches?

I have added stx.h/stx.c, and modified floppy.c/createBlankImage.c. And relevant CMakeLists.txt.

// Fredrik Olsson

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