Re: [hatari-devel] AHHC Project files (was: Bug report: AHCC not working anymore with GEMDOS emulation)

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On sunnuntai 22 tammikuu 2012, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Additionally, AHCC doesn't seem to be searching for its own includes
> and libs from paths that are either fixed, or relative to AHCC directory,
> but relative to the current work directory i.e. where your sources are.
> This makes the TTP pretty much useless.  I'm not going to hardcode
> and update in dozens of project files the absolute paths to wherever
> AHCC include and libraries happen to be[1], for the version of AHCC
> I happen to be testing:
> I'll mail Henk about that.

Forgot to give an update on this.

Henk says:
With TOS 2 and up there is the 'desktop configuration' dialogue.
Under 'options'.

Set default directory as:
Set input parameter:
   Full path

The problem is that these are not the default settings.

I am not sure and I have not checked, but with 'install application'
you can do the same for a particular program, overriding the desktop

With these options and the fixed AHCC, things work fine.

	- Eero

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