Re: [hatari-devel] Old UAE core regressions in Falcon games

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I've quickly tested these programs:

Running : the full game works perfectly with latest hatari.
I haven't got the shareware version but only the full cracked version.

 Bus error.

There are plentied of programs that have bus error or strange behaviour like the PC returns to address 0 (moongame for example). I think there's a bug in the 68030 emulation, but I haven't found what's wrong.

 * Dry Egg

 Bus error.

I haven't got this one. A link ?
Again, bus error

From my own tests, Oxyd falcon also gives a lot of 68030 bus problems.

 Slippery Sam

Just black screen and music.

I haven't got it too, but I'd be interrested to have a look, a link too ?

 * Schlumpf (smurfs):

I haven't got this one too. A link (lol) ?

 * Flaysid still gives no sound.

I still never had it do some sound yet. I'll see it later.

 * FalcAMP still gives DSP timeout for MP3s.

Yes, I'd like to see this one working, I've arleady spent some time on it without succes for now.

 * AVI030.TTP just exits when given an AVI video,
  without any error.

A link ?

 Centurbo benchmark gives completely bogus values
  for FPU and CPU.  DSP says 32Mhz though.

A link ?

 * Virtual city: bombs if auto-run, starting normally
  from desktop works fine though

Is there a difference between auto launch and normal launch ?
Does it run on a real falcon from the auto launch ?

> * Tron2001 regression, at start gives: > M68000 Bus Error writing at address $f00000.
Again bus error.

Maybe Nicolas has fixed some of these problems in the old core, the merging of the old and new cpu core would probably brings some more stability to hatari falcon.



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