Re: [hatari-devel] Some more falcon programs running ... Build in obsolecsence is in the list :)

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Le 25/01/2012 23:21, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On keskiviikko 25 tammikuu 2012, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
Sorry, I also wanted to reply to this, but my mail was sent before.

As I already explained, the MMU option is only for the 68040 CPU.

For the 68030, it's included by default, with no special parameter.
There's no parameter in the GUI for the 68030 MMU.
OK.  But why this:
	hatari --machine falcon --tos tos404.img

	CPU=68030, FPU=0, MMU=0, JIT=0.

Does that MMU refer also to 040 MMU?

Yes it does.

So, if you choose 68030 CPU (with the WinUae core of course), you've got
the MMU by default.

You can see that rainbow2 is working with the new core but bombs with
the old one (it was the missing MMU).
It seems to have similar mouse issues as hextracker.

Although Rainbow2 works, X-tasie still doesn't work with WinAUE despite MMU.
It does some MMU instructions and then there's just black screen.

Yes, but Xtasie freezes later (after the MMU code).
It was bombing at the MMU instructions with the old CPU.

As to BIO, with old CPU it gives "Dsp: Stack Overflow or Underflow"
and crashes.  Works fine fine with WinUAE for me too.

The MMU is not involved into BIO (as far as I know).
The problem with the old CPU may be something else.
I may have a look if I've got 5 minutes.

It would be nice if somebody on the list would have time to test whether
MiNT works now with memory protections.

I agree.

Maybe we should remove the MMU option in the GUI for now and allow it
again when it works and when the 68040 is better emulated, but WINUAE
core is experimental for now, as long as we don't switch to it for all
the cores.
Please at least add "040" to that option name. :-)

I agree. I will do this.

	- Eero



Le 25/01/2012 21:19, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On keskiviikko 25 tammikuu 2012, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
I've finally fixed Build in obsolecence and some other programs :

BIO : it runs to the end, (music is sometimes streched, sometimes
good) Llmamazap : (the cracked version) : it now works perfect with
music and sound, no more DSP "illegal instruction" stop.
I guess this was with WinAUE?  What settings one needs for this?

(I need these to update the compatibility info.)

As a remark : Eero, I've downloaded the Llamazap version given in the
compatibility list : it seems to have no sound, neither DSP code. I've
traced both dsp_all and crossbar, andit seems that llamazap doesn't
make a single call to one of these components.
Ah, OK.

I've got another version of llamazap (with more files in the zip and
some .mod files).
With the patch, it works well with music.

A bit better behaviour :

Yepiha : runs a bit longer before stopping.
Moktar demo (MJJ prod) : it was stopping with a stack overflow, now it
goes a bit further with a stack underflow
What about not being able to enable the MMU issue I mentioned
in an earlier mail?

Despite setting MMU on either with command line option or from GUI
(and rebooting), on boot WinUAE prints MMU=0...?

	- Eero

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