[hatari-devel] Some more falcon programs running ... Build in obsolecsence is in the list :)

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Hi all,

I've finally fixed Build in obsolecence and some other programs :

BIO : it runs to the end, (music is sometimes streched, sometimes good)
Llmamazap : (the cracked version) : it now works perfect with music and sound, no more DSP "illegal instruction" stop.

As a remark : Eero, I've downloaded the Llamazap version given in the compatibility list : it seems to have no sound, neither DSP code. I've traced both dsp_all and crossbar, andit seems that llamazap doesn't make a single call to one of these components.

I've got another version of llamazap (with more files in the zip and some .mod files). It's a cracked version. Before my patch, this version freezed on a DSP illegal instruction loop forever.
With the patch, it works well with music.

A bit better behaviour :

Yepiha : runs a bit longer before stopping.
Moktar demo (MJJ prod) : it was stopping with a stack overflow, now it goes a bit further with a stack underflow



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