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On 18.08.2015 at 17:09, Nuno Marques wrote:
As was already suggested, there is the not-stable-yet Tensor module.
Depending on what you actually plan to do, a simple
typedef Eigen::Matrix<float, 3, 2> Matrix32;
std::vector<Matrix32> buffer;
might be sufficient, as well ...
Well the way I'm working with those, I can't tell if that's what I pretend or not.This is the way I'm using Tensors (in

Glancing over your source, a std::vector<Matrix...> looks more suitable.
Essentially, you need to replace

  Tensor<...> buffer(BUFFER_SIZE,3,2);
  buffer(i, x,y);

  std::vector<...> buffer(BUFFER_SIZE);

I guess your code needs some clean-up anyways (starting with storing x_est, y_est, z_est in a pos and a vel vector instead of 3 Vector2f; not passing vectors by value ...)


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