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On 18.08.2015 at 00:35, Nuno Marques wrote:
Hi there guys,
What is the best way of creating a multiple size matrix, something like:
The code I pretend to convert is float[EST_BUF_SIZE][3][2] , where EST_BUF_SIZE is variable. I've been trying to find something on Eigen that can be used but then I just see 2D Matrix definitions, no 3D.

As was already suggested, there is the not-stable-yet Tensor module. Depending on what you actually plan to do, a simple
  typedef Eigen::Matrix<float, 3, 2> Matrix32;
  std::vector<Matrix32> buffer;
might be sufficient, as well ...

Off-topic: Also, is there a way of doing memset() for a Matrix<> or is automatically done?

  matrix.setConstant(value); matrix.setZero(); matrix.setOnes();


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