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On 06/05/2014 03:57 AM, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:
> But I think the "steering committee" we could start even with our
> current staff -- currently we often have discussions on the mailing list
> that die out after short time, because nobody is sure if anyone else
> wants to say something about it, or we have multiple options but nobody
> feels to have the power to decide which to take. It's basically the same
> for some bugzilla entries.
> So being on the committee would obligate to at least response with "I'm
> ok with anything" to these discussions and we could immediately start on
> the consensual solution.


> This could be achieved using "keywords":
> We could then also add keywords, like "API Change", "Feature Request",
> "Crash", "Compilation Problem", "Numerical Problem", "Failed Test", ...
> (neither of them necessarily mutually exclusive)

Another keyword/flag I think would be quite useful would be "design
decision needed."  I have seen the Django community make good use of
this flag.  If no developer feels confident making the design decision
alone, perhaps this flag should be set and there should be discussion on
the mailing list (in front of everyone, not just the people watching
that particular bug) before moving forward.

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