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On 04.06.2014 11:13, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
Regarding the structuration of the community, we could try to lean towards
something like:
- a small steering committee taking the major decisions on the evolution of
- assign one person in charge for each module of Eigen, each platform, etc.
(from regular Eigen's developers)
- assign a release manager taking care of the progress of each feature
planed for the next release.
- a pool of reviewers to review novel features (do not need to be an
Eigen's developer)

I agree that makes sense, once we have a bigger contributor base.

But I think the "steering committee" we could start even with our current staff -- currently we often have discussions on the mailing list that die out after short time, because nobody is sure if anyone else wants to say something about it, or we have multiple options but nobody feels to have the power to decide which to take. It's basically the same for some bugzilla entries. So being on the committee would obligate to at least response with "I'm ok with anything" to these discussions and we could immediately start on the consensual solution.

What about adding a "How to contribute?" page developing these items on the
web site? Any volunteers?

Yes, I actually intended to start a page in our wiki to collect names of volunteers. It certainly makes sense to include information on what contributions are welcome (for different areas and levels of expertise).
I can start such a page within the next days (unless someone is faster).

Then we need a way to keep track and easily spot these 'junior jobs" which
could be addressed without requiring any knowledge on Eigen's internals.
So instead of adding a voting system to the bug tracker, I'd rather add a
such a field.

This could be achieved using "keywords":

We could then also add keywords, like "API Change", "Feature Request", "Crash", "Compilation Problem", "Numerical Problem", "Failed Test", ...
(neither of them necessarily mutually exclusive)


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