Re: [eigen] Contributor approval for the MPL2 relicensing (YOUR ACTION NEEDED)

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2012/6/28 Christoph Hertzberg <chtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On 28.06.2012 21:30, Benoit Jacob wrote:
>>   Yes, I agree to have all the code that I contributed to Eigen
>> relicensed to the MPL2 license.
> (again)
> Does anyone keep track of who agreed/did not agree?

This mailing list's archive does.

> What about contributions you imported without author's involvement?

We'll look at hg logs, and you do raise a good point about external
code imports, we'll have to be extra careful about contacting the
copyright holders. Hopefully, some grepping for copyright lines should
do the job, assuming that we've correctly preserved all the copyright
lines (and that all external code we have, had copyright lines, which
is less and less the case with the current thread of super-short
license headers in many projects).

> Looking at the commit-history, Eigen2 is based on tvmet,

Nope. The first attempt to start Eigen2 was based off tvmet, which is
why the first changeset in eigen logs is importing tvmet. However, I
soon decided to restart it from scratch and removed everything in this

changeset:   36:ec2fd5fc3e3e
user:        Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>
date:        Sat Sep 01 10:47:07 2007 +0000
summary:     restart Eigen2 development from scratch.

> which is LGPL (I
> have no idea, how much remains of that are still in the code).

None remains

> Another thing are some of the Sparse decompositions which base on (L)GPL
> code (e.g. SparseCholesky.h). T.A. Davis is not mentioned in the credits
> section, btw.

These, and others, do need to be carefully looked at.

> And I think you should anounce these relicensing plans somewhere prominent
> at the homepage ...

I had never seen a project announcing a relicensing plan on its
homepage before the relicensing is done, but that seems like a good
idea. Gael, is there a wiki page explaining how to add an announcement
on the wiki?


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