[eigen] Contributor approval for the MPL2 relicensing (YOUR ACTION NEEDED)

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Hi List,

We want to relicense to the MPL2 license very soon. The explicit
written agreement of every contributor is needed. It is worth replying
to this thread even if you've contributed only 1 byte to Eigen. We
probably won't get all the minor contributors and we'll use common
sense there, but it is worth chasing everyone we can.

Before going on, here are two links that you should check out before proceeding:
 - the MPL2 license:
 - the MPL2 FAQ:

Notice that this is about relicensing Eigen to the MPL2 *only*. The
current LGPL/GPL licensing options will be removed. Make sure that you
understand this. We are currently investigating the status of MPL-GPL
compatibility, as that is of course a requirement for this relicensing
to be acceptable. You can help with that --- see the other thread. We
will not actually relicense until we are certain that this will be
acceptable by users who rely on LGPL/GPL compatibility.

So, please reply to this email with either one of the following two sentences:

  Yes, I agree to have all the code that I contributed to Eigen
relicensed to the MPL2 license.


  No, I do not agree.

Anything else than the above "Yes" sentence will mean "No".


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