Re: [eigen] Contributor approval for the MPL2 relicensing (YOUR ACTION NEEDED)

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On 28.06.2012 21:30, Benoit Jacob wrote:
   Yes, I agree to have all the code that I contributed to Eigen
relicensed to the MPL2 license.


Does anyone keep track of who agreed/did not agree?

What about contributions you imported without author's involvement?
Looking at the commit-history, Eigen2 is based on tvmet, which is LGPL (I have no idea, how much remains of that are still in the code). Another thing are some of the Sparse decompositions which base on (L)GPL code (e.g. SparseCholesky.h). T.A. Davis is not mentioned in the credits section, btw.

And I think you should anounce these relicensing plans somewhere prominent at the homepage ...


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