Re: Re: [eigen] Remove Eigen2 support for 3.2?

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Le jeudi 28 juin 2012 09:33:34 Benoit Jacob a écrit :
> Is this a heavy maintainance burden or just a wish to simplify the codebase?
> In the former case, go ahead and do whatever you need to keep Eigen
> easy to maintain; in the latter case, I would suggest giving it a bit
> more time and having a transition period where it would be officially
> deprecated and complain loudly about it (generate warnings, or even
> require people to #define
> YES_I_KNOW_EIGEN2_SUPPORT_IS_GOING_AWAY_SOON), and only fully remove
> it in the version after (3.3?)
> This is just my 2 cents as an industry guy now ;-) People just don't
> want their existing code to be broken, and value that much higher than
> "cleanliness" and "removing cruft".

I second Benoit's opinion. My company does not use Eigen2, but it is true that 
the industry does not like breaking changes for no real reasons.

Laurent Rineau, PhD
R&D Engineer at GeometryFactory 
Release Manager of the CGAL Project

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