Re: [eigen] MPL2 relicensing: tracking 3rd-party code

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On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 5:13 AM, Keir Mierle <mierle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> So, the next steps (looking for volunteers)
>>  - establish a list of all the 3rd party code we have. Is there a
>> rational way of finding all of it at once?
> This is tricky. We'll probably have to do an audit, which is nontrivial.

Here is a start:

1 - In Core/arch/SSE/MathFunctions.h: The sin, cos, exp, and log
functions of this file come from Julien Pommier's sse math library:
     Licence: zlib which is BSD-like, so no big deal.

2 - In Ordering/AMD.h: the approximate minimum degree ordering
algorithm comes from CSparse (Timothy Davis).
     Licence: LGPL2.1+

3 - In SparseCholesky/SimplicialCholesky.h: the factorization code
initially comes from the LDL Library of Timothy Davis.
     Licence: LGPL2.1+

4 - In IterativeLinearSolvers/IncompleteLUT.h: the algorithm is
inspired from SPARSKIT package, Copyright (C) 2005, the Regents of the
University of Minnesota (Yousef Saad)
     The original code was fortran 90, so its a complete rewrite using
the fortran code as a reference of the high level algorithm.
     Licence: LGPL2.1+

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