[eigen] News on sparse modules and 3.1 beta 1 on Monday

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maybe some of you have already noticed it, but I recently did several
changes in the sparse modules:
- the SparseMatrix class is now more versatile and simpler to use with
a single API to insert elements,
- the DynamicSparseMatrix has been removed (still available in
- deprecated functions have been removed,
- the solvers classes moved from unsupported/ to official modules,
- conservative matrix products,
- etc.

You can have a look at the updated documentation:
to get a better idea of what's there, and as usual any feedback is
very much appreciated.

I think that now they are sane enough to release a first beta of the
future 3.1 version of Eigen for which stable sparse modules will be
the major feature.

I plan to do the release on Monday. Though this is less critical for a
beta release, reports of the results of the unit tests on various
systems, especially with MSVC, would still be appreciated.



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