Re: [eigen] Matrix product crashes when compiled with MSVC 2010 in release

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2010/8/13 Hauke Heibel <hauke.heibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Ok, once again. Since Ilya mentioned that CMake does create projects
> which have defaults set to "no whole program optimization" I needed to
> start digging again because it implies, that our unit tests should
> have captured this!

So, are you saying that they are not capturing this in this setup?
In that case, please add Ilya's test case to our tests.

I think I see where the problem is, and it might be on our side.

First of all, let's repeat that this code is really meant to use only
registers, not memory, so having an access violation there is really

Gael's code there is meant to adapt to the number of registers
available: these are these if(nr==4) where nr is a compile-time
constant set to

    nr = NumberOfRegisters/4,

in the same file GeneralBlockPanelKernel.h.

Now we can see in the assemby that you pasted,

       if(nr==4) traits.acc(C3, alphav, R3);
00123465  movapd      xmm6,xmm0
00123469  mulpd       xmm6,xmmword ptr [C3]
0012346E  addpd       xmm6,xmm7
00123472  add         dword ptr [ebp-3Ch],20h
00123476  add         eax,dword ptr [k]

that the condition nr==4 evaluated to true.

This means that NumberOfRegisters==16.

This is wrong on 32bit x86 !!!!! This constant should be set to 8. The
value 16 is correct for x86-64.

 1) can you confirm that NumberOfRegisters==16 in your setup that
reproduces the crash?
 2) let's find out why this NumberOfRegisters is miscomputed.

If this is confirmed to be the cause of the crash, then we can be very
thankful that this crash occurred as having a wrong NumberOfRegisters
means inefficient code (accessing memory in inner loop).



> So, we see a regression and that is happening since
> changeset:   3260:431547872cf7
> user:        Gael Guennebaud <g.gael@xxxxxxx>
> date:        Mon Jul 12 16:31:46 2010 +0200
> summary:     matrix product: move the alpha factor to gebp instead of
> the packing
> Since here, we are hitting a compiler bug and considering that
> everybody using CMake will run into it, it is definitely a show
> stopper for 3.0.
> I have still no idea for workarounds and just did not myself hit this
> bug earlier because I am working with 64bit builds only.
> - Hauke

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