Re: [eigen] Matrix product crashes when compiled with MSVC 2010 in release

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The reason I ran into this is that CMake creates projects without
whole program optimization by default.  I can, of course, live with
enabling whole program optimization--the problem is that the entire
code has to be reoptimized when a single cpp file changes (this is
slow even for a moderate-sized project).  I think it makes sense to
spend a little effort on working around this (the asm idea seems
promising) because other people will hit it, but I agree that it's not
a good idea to introduce a runtime performance regression for this.



>> Just a short question to you Ilya - do you rely on disabling the whole
>> program optimization? Per default it is enabled if you create a new
>> solution. That's why we never hit that issue so far. I am saying for
>> all our unit tests, the compiler settings are mostly on default for
>> MSVC builds. Testing against all combinations of compiler settings is
>> not really possible. ;)
> Spot on!
> Even if the people at everyone's favorite corporation are not very
> responsive to bug reports, I would still say it's about the only thing
> to do about it, unless Hauke finds an applicable work-around!

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