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On 21.08.2010 00:00, Benoit Jacob wrote:
2010/8/20 Schmidt, Michael<Michael.Schmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Just a side-note of a silent reader of this mailing list:

   author = {Beno\^{i}t Jacob and Ga\"{e}l Gunnebaud and et al.},
   title = {Eigen v3},
   howpublished = {},
   year = {2010}

May generate the following outputs for different bibtex styles.

1) Jacob B., Gunnebaud G., and et al. Eigen v3., 2010.
2) Jacob, B., Gunnebaud, G., et al., 2010. Eigen v3.
3) B. Jacob, G. Gunnebaud, and et al. Eigen v3., 2010.

As far as I know, there should be no "and" before the "et al.", should
it? Et al. is the abbreviation of "et alii/aliae/alia", which means "and

That's true! Which leaves the question wide open, how does one say 'et al'
in BibTex?

I think, for most styles the 'correct' way to do it is to write

author = {John Doe and others},

this should work at least for

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