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many times users are asking how to cite Eigen. So far, there is no
publication and thus we need to rely on misc bibtex entries.

The following bibtex entry (just a discussion base)

  author = {Beno\^{i}t Jacob and Ga\"{e}l Gunnebaud and et al.},
  title = {Eigen v3},
  howpublished = {http://eigen.tuxfamily.org},
  year = {2010}

May generate the following outputs for different bibtex styles.

1) Jacob B., Gunnebaud G., and et al. Eigen v3.
http://eigen.tuxfamily.org, 2010.
2) Jacob, B., Gunnebaud, G., et al., 2010. Eigen v3. http://eigen.tuxfamily.org
3) B. Jacob, G. Gunnebaud, and et al. Eigen v3.
http://eigen.tuxfamily.org, 2010.

1) \bibliographystyle{acm} (actual everything is rendered using small caps)
2) \bibliographystyle{model2-names}
3) \bibliographystyle{ieee}

There are many more styles and I just wanted to give you an impression
about what this looks like.

In text citations are most often numeric e.g. [12]. The natbib package
(\citet, \citep, etc.) cites by author and in that case, the result
will be e.g.

B. Jacob et al. (2010)

because there are more than two (and et al. is considered another one)
authors listed. Again, this is in text, in the reference list it will
most likely look similar to either 1), 2) or 3).

Finally, I know that there is a URL tag in bibtex, but this is just
meta information which is most often discarded by the citation style.
Only 'howpublished' guaranteed in all three examples that the web-site
is mentioned.


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