Re: [eigen] Eigen is slow with complex matrices

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On 10/19/2009 10:10 AM, Benoit Jacob wrote:
2009/10/19 Rohit Garg<rpg.314@xxxxxxxxx>:
AFAIR, some work was done to add complex number support, compatible
with std::complex. It is sitting in the FFT fork.
Good point, i had forgotten about it.

That's okay.  I forgot I wrote it. :)
Good thing Rohit has ECC memory.

FYI: I had to look at the email I sent on June 17,2009. It gave a bit of the background on what
tries to accomplish.

  What happened to it?
It's still there.

And it is separable from any of the FFT work. It can be merged even if FFT is not.

I'm not familiar with merging in hg. Can anybody send me a link on how I can merge the eigen2_for_fft branch back into the main line?
Do I even have permissions to do so?

-- Mark

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