Re: [eigen] Eigen is slow with complex matrices

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2009/10/19 Rohit Garg <rpg.314@xxxxxxxxx>:
> AFAIR, some work was done to add complex number support, compatible
> with std::complex. It is sitting in the FFT fork.

Good point, i had forgotten about it.

>  What happened to it?

It's still there.

> Also, when can we see the FFT work being merged back into eigen
> mainline?

I wrote to Mark recently to ask, he replied that he still had to
implement a few suggestions that had been made.

However, re-reading, these didn't sound like very crucial points (it
was about "formatting options and I/O"), so it seems as if the FFT
module is already good enough to be merged to unsupported/ ? Need
informed feedback here.


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