Re: [eigen] What about HyperPlane ?

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ah ! actually I'have some local changes which goes to the same
directions (I just commitetd them).


On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 3:21 PM, Benoît Jacob <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> - rename it to Hyperplane (it's just one word).

I did that too !

> - remove the default Dim=3 value

same !

> - Line could become a subclass of Hyperplane adding specific methods like
> intersection() method and a constructor from 2 points.

yeah, so far I just removed the typedef since for 2D lines (actually
xD lines) it is better to have a parametrized
representation. actually I would not make Line inherits Hyperplane,
just have a separate small xD Line class.

> - add a small class parametrizedLine with two-way conversions with Line;
> rename rayInterstection() as an overloaded intersection() taking a
> parametrizedLine.

ok for rayInterstection => intersection, and see above, I think only a
"ParametrizedLine" is needed

> - rename distanceTo() ---> distance()

I don't care, so ok

> - rename project() as projection()

ok as well

> - replace set... methods by methods returning non-const references


> OK? If I do it I can at the same time make the Regression changes and port
> Avogadro.

go ahead !


PS to Benoit: I can generate the doc with only a "doxygen" but their
scripts are not flexible enough, it seems we can only control the
values of the Doxyfile at a "top level" directory such as koffice or
kdesupport  (the Doxyfile is generated by their scripts) .... let wait
a bit maybe I'll find another trick..

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