Re: [eigen] What about HyperPlane ?

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On Thursday 28 August 2008 12:12:23 Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> Hi list,
> FYI, kgllib has been ported to Eigen2 as well. (though it is not committed
> yet)
> After some trades with Rivo, he asked:
> > Do you have or plan to have a plane class? ;-)
> at a first glance, I would say that's out of the scope of Eigen, but
> finally an HyperPlane class would fit very well between the Geometry
> module and the Regression module which does hyper plane fitting !
> So why not ?
> And don't worry, I already have such a class, I only have to change
> the licence ;)

Why not; There is a question: do you think the hyperplane equation should have 
normalized normal vector?

For most use cases, this is very useful. Like computing the distance from your 
hyperplane to points. It is much faster if the normal vector can be assumed 
to be normalized. For that reason a hyperplane class is much more useful with 
normalized normal vector.

This will probably require to normalize in fitHyperplane() but that's no big 
deal, the cost is not much compared to the eigensolver used.

Notify me before changing the fitHyperplane() API because this affects 
Avogadro :) We need to coordinate.


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