Re: [eigen] What about HyperPlane ?

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On Aug 28, 2008, at 10:17 AM, Benoît Jacob wrote:

at a first glance, I would say that's out of the scope of Eigen, but
finally an HyperPlane class would fit very well between the Geometry
module and the Regression module which does hyper plane fitting !

Why not; There is a question: do you think the hyperplane equation should have
normalized normal vector?
Notify me before changing the fitHyperplane() API because this affects
Avogadro :) We need to coordinate.

Avogadro would really benefit from a real HyperPlane class. It would be nice to draw planes in Avogadro, fit a hyperplane from a set of points, and measure the distance between the plane and another point.

(For example, consider the case where an atom is near a surface.)

And I agree with Gael that a real class would fit well between Geometry and Regression.


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