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That's strange, I tested LXDE and it worked fine for me. I will check out your report.

---- beoran@xxxxxxxxx wrote ----

>Dear Trent,
>First of all, your patch had carriage returns in it that I first had
>to strip of with dos2unix, but then it applied correctly, so that was
>OK, I guess. :-)
>I was probably the one who was confused about how SDL2 does it's
>fullscreen. I read the code but it seems I misunderstood a few things
>about it. So I guess I misinformed you. I apologize for that.
>I tried your patch with 13 randomly chosen window managers and it
>works well for 8 of them. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest is
>either obsolete or has bugs. I merely used ex_fs_window and
>ex_fs_resize and saw if the sceen was ok and could switch correctly
>repeatedly. I didn't check alt-tabbing because many window managers
>don't use that methof for switching focus.
>Most importantly is that it works fine for compiz even without legacy
>mode setting, for metacity and for xfwm4, which are probably the most
>common window managers out there. Too bad LXDE's window manager
>openbox doesn't work correctly, that may be one WM to try and fix
>fullscreen for as well.
>I attached a test report in text format. I hope it's infromative.
>Kind Regards,
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