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On Tue, 2010-07-27 at 18:14 +0400, Andrey Ponomarenko wrote:
> I use the following command to generate and execute all the tests:
> perl -l allegro -d 4.9.21.xml -relpath
> testing_debug/allegro/4.9.21 -xvfb -show-retval -st -gen
> -build -run
> I've attached the api-sanity-autotest script, file and the
> descriptor 4.9.21.xml used in the command. Path
> "testing_debug/allegro/4.9.21" is the relative path to the installed
> Allegro-4.9.21 in debug mode.

Thanks, I managed to run it locally.

> I've corrected tests according to the documentation, but 22 tests
> still crashes:
> 1) al_read_directory

Fixed in SVN with an assert - can't call read before open.

> 2) al_set_memory_interface

Well, you can't set it to itself as that causes endless recursion. Best
to exclude from tests I think.

> 3) al_set_voice_playing

Added an assert as well.

> 4) 17 interfaces crashes in allegro_font.h due to crash of
> al_grab_font_from_bitmap

That was a real bug, it crashed on invalid input. Fixed now.

> 5) al_load_ttf_font and al_load_ttf_font from allegro_ttf.h

Genuine bug as well, double closed file on invalid input. Fixed now.

> I can't find a correct way to call these interfaces. Can you help me?
> The tests report is still here:
> Thanks!

Thanks as well!

Elias Pschernig <elias.pschernig@xxxxxxxxxx>

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