Re: [AD] 4.2.1 is up, and a version number proposal

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Victor wrote:
Ron Novy wrote:
Why not just add the release date to the end?  I
believe all version numbers would look better in UTC
format any way. And having a date in them is more
usefull when archiving., 4.2-06.11.26 or some variant ;)
Looks much like an unstable SVN snapshot, rather then a stable

> Could be, where the last number is the SVN version. So there
> should be no ambiguity between two different releases nor to SVN
> snapshots or whatever.

What about using letters instead of numbers at the end (eg. 4.2.1a)? The new version component could be used for platform specific issues as well as minor issues. Also, would it be a good idea to have different version letters for the different platforms if the update is only for one platform? For example, if a Windows-specific bug is fixed in 4.2.1c, the Windows version would be 4.2.1d, whereas all other versions will remain 4.2.1c, and the next time a non-platform-specific bug is fixed, the version letter for all platforms would be bumped to the letter after the highest version-letter in the set of supported platforms (in this case, 4.2.1e) ).


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