Re: [AD] mouse problems in game with touchscreen capabilities.

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> I think this problem can be resolved by hacking Allegro so that by
> installing of mouse I could choose betwen DirectX input or mouse events
> from Windows queue.

You probably need to write a Win32 mouse driver.

> But I´m not so good in windows core programming.

I think the level of Win32 programming required to do so would be minimal, 
since Allegro already has an event loop.  The bulk of the work would be to 
devise an Allegro mouse driver that translates Windows mouse events into 
Allegro mouse datas, and hooks itself in the event loop (src/win/wwnd.c).

Try to start with a simple mouse driver (src/qnx/qmouse.c comes to mind) and 
integrate it in the Windows port.  Then identify the Windows messages the 
driver must listen to (WM_MOUSE*) and add hooks in wwnd.c to redirect them 
to the driver when it is running.

Eric Botcazou

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