[AD] mouse problems in game with touchscreen capabilities.

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Hello, I'm working on a game with touchscreen capabilities.
I have folowing problem:
The game doesn't get mouse events from Allegro when touchscreen is attached.
With normal mouse all is OK.

I think drivers for touchscreen from Microtouch are not native drivers with
Dinput capabilities (driver for touchscreen probably puts the mouse events
somehow to windows queue), while the Allegro grabs mouse events direct from
mouse driver. I think so because after attaching of cabel, installing of
drivers and Windows restarting, windows gives me a message that no mouse is
attached (touchscreen is on). When I click on OK, after 2-3 seconds
touchscreen starts to work... In the GDI environment all is OK, but when I
run some games under DirectX some of them work with touch and some don't.
And my game also doesn´t work.

I think this problem can be resolved by hacking Allegro so that by
installing of mouse I could choose betwen DirectX input or mouse events from
Windows queue. But I´m not so good in windows core programming.
Could someone help me?
Many thanks

P.S. I use DevC++ with ming32 ver.3.2 compiler and Allegro 4.0.3 (stable)
I have tried Allegro 4.1.12 with the same result.

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