Re: [AD] aRts "pure virtual function call"

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Selon jcugniere@xxxxxxxxxx:
> Anyway, the patch I sent Works For Me (TM) :-). But it register itself again
> with atexit every time the sound is installed. I can make it register itself
> only once, but then it relies on the fact that arts itself registers itself
> only
> once.

Here is a modified version of my patch, so that it registers only once with
atexit. To do so, it makes the assumption that aRts too registers only once with
atexit. I think this is reasonable, and it looks like it's true. If it proves
wrong, we just get the old behaviour of crashing on exit, and that only if
install_sound() was called more than once during the program's execution.

Julien Cugnière

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