Re: [AD] About my load_sample patch

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On 2002-07-25, Vincent <Vincent.Penquerch@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Has anyone looked at it yet ?


> I'm coding an Ogg/Vorbis lib for Allegro, and to be able to
> load Vorbis files using load_sample, I'll need it in the main
> lib or I'll have to bundle a patch against Allegro, which is
> not very attractive.
> Also, if anyone has a clever solution to extend this to other
> types of things without duplicating the code, that would be
> quite nice.

Personally I don't mind the duplication, it's not a *lot* of code.

> The only solution I see is making the base code
> using only void* and adding a layer for BITMAPs, SAMPLEs, etc
> that redirect to the base with casts, which is not very very
> nice.

I think this is overkill.  Are there more types that need a registration
system?  There's no need to design it until the need crops up.


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