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Michael Bukin <M.A.Bukin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> IIRC, the problem with changing hardware mixer settings from Allegro
> is that there are boards that can not read mixer settings, so your
> program will need to change some value in hardware in order to
> synchronize slider value with actual mixer setting.

I'd *really* like to know how many cards can't read their own
volume, as it seems pretty stupid to me.  IMHO that is a hardware
error and we should ignore it and put in sensible defaults for the
volume reading, or return -1.

> In multitasking environment running several such programs at once
> will not be fun.

If we had volume reading it would be fine.

> I don't know why Allegro has no independent API for setting hardware
> mixer settings, but perhaps Shawn has some good reasons not to include
> it.

Perhaps because their is only one function right now?  

Anyway, I'm not sure a full blown mixer API would be useful -- after
all, Allegro is a games library.

> > Oh! BTW the uoss.c Allegro code already have a function that touches
> > the mixer,
> How did it get in there? :-)

My fault :-)

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