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salvador <salvador@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> >         I think it is task of the operating system to control the
> > sound preferences of its users.
> :-)))))))))))))) so you'll let your OS to choose the Treble/Bass balance ;-)

IIRC, the problem with changing hardware mixer settings from Allegro
is that there are boards that can not read mixer settings, so your
program will need to change some value in hardware in order to
synchronize slider value with actual mixer setting.  In multitasking
environment running several such programs at once will not be fun.
That's the reason why Allegro has set_volume, but does not have
get_volume and why set_volume should change hardware mixer settings
only on DOS.

I don't know why Allegro has no independent API for setting hardware
mixer settings, but perhaps Shawn has some good reasons not to include

> Oh! BTW the uoss.c Allegro code already have a function that touches
> the mixer,

How did it get in there? :-)

Information above is from old discussions on this topic, perhaps its
all different now, because of changes or additions in API.

Michael Bukin

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