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>If the cpu frequency is constant, switching to tsc might be worth a
>shot (echo "tsc" to the current_clocksource file).
Ok, I might give that one a try: Any known problems with that ?

>> The only (relatively) special thing: We have a multi-threaded user space application running
>> with a lot of threads (~70): About 6...10 of them are running using the (almost) realtime
>> scheduler the standard Linux kernel provides (no RT-patches applied), and 4..6 are using
>> very high priorities 80..99.
>> Might this interfere with chrony ?
>Perhaps, can you try it without that application?
I might, but this would be only a theoretical example, as we *need* this application.

This application is one of the core application, and is very sensitive to changes in the timing. 
It is also an application which is provided by another company, so we don't have the tools to 
debug if something went wrong, ie experimenting with the time keeping.

>An experiment to rule out the possibility that the clock discipline is
>broken would be to add the noselect option to all servers so chrony
>doesn't touch the clock and see if the skew values get better.
OK, can try this as well

In the meantime I have set up a test with a number of my machines running a different
sets of NTP source configurations: Only WAN, WAN+LAN, Only LAN, with1,2,3, or 4 sources.

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