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On 04/04/2011 18:02, Bill Unruh wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Apr 2011, Ed Wildgoose wrote:
>> On 04/04/2011 17:19, Bill Unruh wrote:
>>> On Mon, 4 Apr 2011, Ed W wrote:
>>>> Also I would like to investigate contributing 2 servers to the ntp
>>>> pool.
>>>> I would like to try and use chrony for these... I understand this
>>>> hasn't been done previously, any thoughts?
>>> My impression is that the pool people ONLY allow ntpd in the pool. And
>>> they
>>> test to make sure that you are running ntpd (eg using ntpq I suspect).
>> Hmm, well I guess we will see whether they are buying or selling...
>> However, if they are being strict on choice of software, then using an
>> "unreleased" software version is a strawman which is easy to put up.
>> There is a bunch of cool stuff in the current git and I think it would
>> be great to get a release out fairly imminently?
> Nope. Hearing the name "chrony" will drive Mills to distraction:-)

Is there any theoretical reason why chrony is unsuitable for use as a
public timeserver (and all the loading, external misuse that this
entails?)  Please lets try and rise higher than "mine's better than
yours" answers, often software suits different purposes, is there any
reason why one piece of software might offer a more suitable *public"
service than another? eg compatibility with other clients? ability under
load? resistance to external abuse?

Are there any notes on configuration for acting as a public server? Is
anything else needed than "allow" in the config file? Security?
Preventing abuse, particularly denial of service?  Are there a known
chunk of users using chrony for public service?


Ed W

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