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>> I presume it's somewhat moot in that you are bounded by the limits of
>> the various tcp connections, but still seems like the tech is easily
>> available and we ought to be trying to get current stratum 1 time
>> servers to be syncing within some few 10s of usecs?
> It is a volunteer system. Unless Mills wants to spend his time testing
> all of
> the pool servers, it will stay that way.

How would Chrony cope with being fed a config file listing 2,000 server

.....Just asking...

>> Hmm, cool.  Note that I haven't found a supplier doing a simple eval
>> board for the time sync clock above, but other eval boards with similar
>> chipsets are going for only a little more than the Sure board (without
>> antenna though).  They are also generally much smaller boards? Certainly
>> similar enough that shipping costs will determine which is cheapest.
> I looked at one where the board was $60. With powersupply and antenna it
> was
> $190.

Hmm, well that is a good deal higher!

The message on the gpsd list suggested that skytraq themselves offer the
GLONASS hybrid chipset for $70 and an evaluation board for $100
including USB and active antenna?  Seems like an awfully good price on
the eval board, but ...

For sure this is more than $30, but I had expected the non Glonass chip
to be a chunk lower?

Anyway, certainly the Sure board is quite a bargain!


Ed W

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