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On 22/03/2011 09:03, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 06:33:33PM +0000, Ed W wrote:
>> On 21/03/2011 17:37, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
>>> BTW, the soon to be released gpsd supports kernel PPS timestamping and
>>> also the chrony SOCK protocol, which means that to get PPS samples
>>> with nanosecond resolution the PPS refclock won't be necessary.
>> Seems there are a bunch of cool projects around at the moment where the
>> interesting features are still only in the git repo and waiting for a
>> "release" to make them official...
>> :-)
> BTW, are you testing chrony 1.25-pre1? So far, I haven't received any
> feedback.

OK, so I have been playing with chrony 1.25-git now for a good few days.
 I'm using it in an "embedded" development context, so it's getting
rebooted regularly with somewhat varying configurations.  So far not
noted anything that's should stop a release?

The only thing I have observed, but not compared yet with older
versions, is that a config error causes chronyd to exit with status 0,
yet subsequently die due to the config error.  I would suppose that it's
due to the timing of the demonisation, it happening after config files
are read?  I can work around it, but it slightly complicates startup
scripts - might be nice to see if it's possible to demonise after the
config file is parsed or mostly parsed?

I am not testing gpsd input (or PPS) at present.

Oh, I am having some problems getting an accurate jiffies clock at boot,
but I will post separately about this

My feeling would to release what you have.  If a small bug fix should be
needed then it's trivial to bang out a 1.25.1 while development
continues on 1.26?

Also I would like to investigate contributing 2 servers to the ntp pool.
 I would like to try and use chrony for these... I understand this
hasn't been done previously, any thoughts?


Ed W

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