Re: [xmoto-dev] Getting SDL_gfx to work with visual c++

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On 1/10/07, nadenislamarre@xxxxxxx <nadenislamarre@xxxxxxx> wrote:
sdlgfx is quite slow in ugly mode in the menu navigation (very slow in my vmware
while opengl is quite fast), are you sure you do any calculation unrequired ?
I still haven't looked at the menu code
My guess is that it's the scaling that is slow.
and the thing that requires scaling is the drawing of the horizontal
and vertical lines
try printing that out. (or just print when the scale >2).
if the lines can be drawn by repeating the texture instead of scaling the pixels
that would just be awesome.


Quoting Kees Jongenburger <kees.jongenburger@xxxxxxxxx>:

> > I an trying to clean up the endDraw code but I have some problem with math
> :)
> > feel free to commit anything required to make it work under windows.
> actualy any help to get the math on rotation / translation correct I
> more then welcome
> have you seen the SDL_gfx page on the wiki?
> Are you on irc sometimes?
> >

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