Re: [xmoto-dev] Getting SDL_gfx to work with visual c++

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Is that standard C++ and not just a GCC extension? Well, under all
circumstances it won't compile in visual c++. My suggestion would be
to either used a large fixed value for 'size', or use dynamic
allocation instead.
I think I made a comment on this in the source code
the current storage for the points is vector

(see VDraw.h)
   //Vector for creating polygons
    std::vector < Vector2f * >m_drawingPoints;
   //Vector for keeping track of texture coorinated
    std::vector < Vector2f * >m_texturePoints;

I think i would be better to directly use an array here
(just like it is used for the gfxPrimitivesPolyInts)

I an trying to clean up the endDraw code but I have some problem with math :)
feel free to commit anything required to make it work under windows.

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