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2008/2/29, molinaro@xxxxxxxxxxx <molinaro@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>  but it can be HTML enabled via
>  a simple plug-in or few comand lines in the config file. Maybe can I do
>  something like that in Wikiss?
Yes, it's quite easy with a little plugin.
But, you have to be aware of the risks ! This can be an open door to
XSS attacks.
TigerWiki had such a feature, but I removed it to improve the security.

BTW, you'll find such a plugin attached. copy it to plugins dir. To
write an html page, add the %HTML% tag in it.
It can be improved by parsing the text and removing unwanted html tags.

If you want to mix html and wiki syntax in a same page, you'll need
another plugin.
It will have to :
* use a new syntax to delimit html
* parse $CONTENT and save html in formatBegin
* reinsert your saved html in the right places in formatEnd
Such a mechanism is already used for code insertion. See wikiss core for that.

>  Sorry for my poor english, and very thanks for any help. ^_^
No problem, mine is poor too :)


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