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On Tue, 1 Feb 2011 18:55:39 +0100 (CET)
pascal.bellard@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Please explain a bit :
> - why doesn't talk about tazwok-experimental ?
> - where are status & report pages ; how can we check the bb ?
> - you say 'Tazwok-experimental makes things better', why ? what is better ?
> - how is mirror updated ? when ?
> - wok-experimental patches don't keep tazbb/tazwok compatibility ?
> - where is wok-experimental documentation ? on
> - ...?
> -pascal

I think I have to explain what we done and why.
Godane uptaded a lot of packages while I worked on a new tazwok since
several month. We strongly analyzed how things worked on tank and more
widely SliTaz cook tools and we want to improve the whole process.

We encountered several problems with full chroot method as I explained
some month ago. Experimental is an attempt to fix that, as well as
several issue our crew discovered - like the src/_pkg variables issue.

When cooking chroot broke (my bad, to be honnest...) we choosed to go
ahead and use the new tools in tank/wok. All is not finish yet (i.e: php
interface) but tools to cook packages are ok (all major issue fixed).

The usage of tazwok-experimental is not totally stabilized: I did major
change theses last days; overwhere it's quite proach the the final

Major ideas behind theses new tools are:
* Having the same tools to cook packages on server and on SliTaz to
make contribute easier
* Simplifying receipts writing to make contribute easier
* Open the possibility of using minimal chroot
* Open the possibility of recooking SliTaz from scratch in few
commands; the goal is having the choice between system builded on
packages and/or compilation for 4.0 (hybrid/gentoo-like SliTaz).

Here's the major changes:
* Build and manage minimal chroot by itself
* Capability to handle several repository using SLITAZ_VERSION/undigest
option with most commands.
* CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/MAKEFLAGS managed using /etc/slitaz/tazwok.conf
* _pkg/src automatically managed in most case (should not be defined in
the receipt) - Infortunaly it causes some incompatibilities with
receipts implementing their own fix for this old problem; also, -j 4
are no more needed (handled with MAKFLAG environnment variable).
* Default path (usr/man/info/locale) defined using /etc/ -
defining them is no more needed in receipts (when it's default pathes).
* Improved log system
* Capability to build cookorder
* Capability to find what changed in wok without using hg
* Capability to recook all the wok from scratch, including the
toolchain (gentoo-like)
* Capabitility to recook the toolchain for various architecture -
currently it's bases on Linux From Scratch documentation, this should
open the possibility of cooking 64b toolchain - this feature still
* Improvement management of depends (archlinux-like): if you define a
package as depend you don't need to put it (or his -dev equivalent)
into build_depends; make minimal chroot method work in most case and
depends definition simplest.
* Default installation path ($DESTDIR/$_pkg) is now
$WOK/$PACKAGE/install, defined by default in most cases by DESTDIR
environnment variable. tazwok-experimental automatically remove the
used sourcedir after compilation if no package use file in it (by
checking for presence of $src var in genpkgrules of package & wanted).
* packages lists are not entirely regerated: they are updated.
* tazwok-experimental can obtain the datas from package if taz dir are
missing (for packages list & md5sum of cooking stuff used to check
* New packages are pushed into packages-incoming instead of package.
Pushing new package to package repository is achieve with a command
(check-incoming) which refuse to do the job if something is broken or
if some packages remains uncooked
* Recook reverse depends when macro/micro update of libs is detected
(code is in my repo and looks fine, it will be on repo in few hours)

Current usage (docs are not updated with last changes):
Install tazwok-experimental/libtaz/tazchroot/last tazpkg into you're
Put the last revision of wok into /home/slitaz/experimental/wok
Set /etc/slitaz-release to experimental
Use 'tazwok build-depends toolchain-cooklist' to build minimal wok info
required (needed before future 0.0.6
GoKhlaYeh <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx>

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