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> why doesn't talk about tazwok-experimental ?
This is cause its in /home/slitaz/experimental. We (Gokhlayeh and I) don't know php well. So we could add it into yet.

> where are status & report pages ; how can we check the bb ?
/home/slitaz/experimental/log for all of experimental logs.

> you say 'Tazwok-experimental makes things better', why ? what is better ?
Cause everything is done in clean chroot. It has better depends checking. We are also re-compressing  sources into .tar.lzma to save space on source dvd and mirror. It doesn't need those stupid _pkg in wanted receipts. It doesn't need $CONFIGURE_ARGS called in every receipt. Tazwok-experimental is its own build bot. Older sources/packages are remove once newer ones are added. So no need for tazdev purge. *

> how is mirror updated ? when ?
The current mirror is updated with tazdev push but tazdev will have to be updated cause of path change. But is i think its more of the same.  /home/slitaz/version/packages ?
I don't know when mirror is updated. I think by one with root access mirror is it manually. But i don't know if there is a cron.d script to mirror after x days.

> wok-experimental patches don't keep tazbb/tazwok compatibility ?
libboost compatible with tazwok-experimetnal:

> where is wok-experimental documentation ? on

I hope this helps explains things.

* (Gokhlayeh may explain this better then me.)

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 5:57 PM, Christopher Rogers <slaxemulator@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I killed tazbb for now. Don't start tazbb again please. Also don't mirror anything to cooking.

If your starting tazbb. Please stop.  You will just be wasting everyones time try to compile with tazbb on cooking. We have wok-experimental patches in wok now. This makes some packages incompatible with old tazwok.

PS I only address to you cause you was on tank at the time. I couldn't find the cron,d script in cooking so i think it was you using tazbb.

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 5:33 PM, Christopher Rogers <slaxemulator@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We have tazwok-experimental now. Also all the wok-experimental patches added into wok now.  Stop cooking with tazbb now. We don't need it anymore. Tazwok-experimental makes things better. The current tazbb will just cause problems. Please kill tazbb for now.

my experimental repo:

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